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Welcome your players with fantastic entry cutscene with GTA Character Lamar.

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Welcome Cutscene Script with GTA Character Lamar | Compatible with QBCore and ESX


Give your players an unforgettable entry to your server with a fantastic welcome cutscene starring GTA Character Lamar.

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·         Support all QBCore and ESX versions: Enjoy seamless integration with your existing server setup, whether it runs on QBCore or ESX, making the installation process a breeze.

·         Smooth Welcome: Ensure a smooth and polished welcome experience for all players, setting the right tone for their journey on your server.

·         Better Welcome for New Users: Delight new users with an improved and engaging welcome cutscene, creating a lasting first impression that encourages them to stay and explore.

·         Different Cutscene for Male and Female Characters: Add a touch of personalization to the experience by offering unique cutscenes based on the player's character gender, enhancing immersion.

·         Option to Disable Lamar Cutscene Part: For those who prefer a different approach, the script provides the flexibility to disable the Lamar cutscene part, allowing you to tailor the welcome to your server's theme.

Anti-Spam Mechanism:

To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we have implemented a robust server-side anti-spam mechanism. This prevents malicious users from exploiting the game mechanics to gain unfair advantages during the cutscene. 


The script has been meticulously optimized to ensure seamless integration with your server environment. 


If you encounter any issues with the script or need assistance with its setup, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord. We are committed to providing prompt support and may even consider incorporating additional cool features based on your suggestions.

Framework Standalone
Version 1.0.1
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Cutscene 1.0.1

- Added Docs of illenium-appearance