Mining Script


Our Mining script is an advanced and unique script that can run on any QBcore and ESX server.

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Our all scripts use ip authorization with your server ip to verify your purchase.

Advance & Unique Mining Script (Compatible with Qbcore and ESX)

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Important Note:

Please note that the script does not include a map. To start using the mining functionality, you'll need to purchase the map separately. You can find the map available for purchase at: K4MB1 Cave Mining


·         Synchronized animation: setup for a realistic mining experience.

·         A small store: inside the mining map where players can buy food and water to sustain their adventure.

·         Fully functional Drill, Hammer, and C4 shop setup: providing essential tools for efficient mining.

·         Integration with Eye Target: enhancing immersion and interactivity.

·         Explore 3 different types of Emerald and 5 unique types of Ore: during your mining expeditions.

·         Engage in the Washing System: with animation and Melting System with Realistic Fire setup to process your findings.

·         Utilize the Selling Shop: to trade your precious ores and emeralds for rewards.

·         Enjoy diverse types of processes for handling Ore & Emeralds: ensuring varied gameplay experiences.

·         Witness explosive synchronizations: as the mining activities are synced with other players.

·         Easy setup options available: allowing you to implement the mining script with or without a specific job requirement.

·         Multi-language: support to cater to a broader player base.

·         Implement cooldown mechanisms: offering Global and Single-player cooldown options for balanced gameplay.

·         Seamless compatibility with all qbcore and esx versions: for easy integration into your existing server.

·         Engage in Drilling and Hammering: with corresponding sound and animation effects.

·         Clearly distinguishable ore and emerald: visuals from regular stone, making mining more accessible.

·         C4 purchased from the shop: provided will only work in designated areas, ensuring controlled use.

·         Explore 35 unique mining locations: offering vast opportunities for resource gathering.

·         Experience Simple Stone: mining for more diverse gameplay.

·         Realistic explosion: effects that add excitement and authenticity to mining operations.

·         A rare chance of obtaining diamonds from Coal: making each mining endeavor full of surprises.


·         E - Planting C4

·         Left Alt - To Bring Eye target

·         Left Click - To confirm your target option

Anti-Spam Mechanism:

To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we have implemented a robust server-side anti-spam mechanism. This prevents malicious users from exploiting the game mechanics to gain unfair advantages during the mining. As a result, players attempting to abuse the system will be unable to milk the job for additional benefits. 


The script has been meticulously optimized to ensure seamless integration with your server environment. 


If you encounter any issues with the script or need assistance with its setup, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord. We are committed to providing prompt support and may even consider incorporating additional cool features based on your suggestions.

Requirements :


Framework QBCore & Esx
Version 1.1.6
Code is accessible No
Docs Mining

Mining 1.0.1

- Fixed selling item issue

Mining 1.0.2

- Added Drawtext Version
- Added qtarget support (also you can connect with any eye target script)
- Added Item Name Config Changeable
- Optimized Script
- Fixed Minor Bugs

Mining 1.0.3

- Fixed Minor Issues

Mining 1.0.4

- Fixed c4 not remove issue
- Fixed issue when plant c4
- Added option in config for select qtarget or qb-target.

Mining 1.0.5

- Added Option to stop Burn Fire from Melting
- Added option to add new items to melting
- Added option for bulk item selling
- Added Option to change items name

Mining 1.0.6

- Fixed c4 issue

Mining 1.0.7

- Added Config for change item name
- Added All qbcore event to new file(you can edit that) (QBCore Version Only)

Mining 1.0.8

- Add Item and remove item issue fixed.

Mining 1.1.0

- Added 4 New Ores (lead ore, bauxite ore, sulfur, diamond).
- Added Config to enable/disable default shops.
- Fixed some bugs.
- Fixed qbcore inventory weight related issues.

Thanks to K4MB1 for new props of 4 new ores.

Mining 1.1.1

- Fixed item carry issue in esx
- Fixed some bugs.

Mining 1.1.2

- Fixed issue of not getting item after drilling normal stones in qbcore
- Added option to on random ore reward on mining.

Mining 1.1.3

- Fixed qbcore item remove event issue.

Mining 1.1.4

- Added Some Editable ESX function and events in esx.lua file.
- Optimized script
- Fixed Minor Bugs

Mining 1.1.5

- Added Support of ox-lib
- Fixed Melting BurnFire issues
- Fixed Melting Process cancel issues
- Fixed drawtext flickering issues
- Fixed Player Freeze issue while doing drilling on stone.

Mining 1.1.6

- Fixed minor bugs.
- Added support for ox_target.
- All frameworks, inputs, eye target related code is open to edit now.
- Server side code is completely open so edit whatever you want to edit..