Lockpick Minigame


Introducing the most advanced & unique lockpick minigame:

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New Lockpick Minigame with Advanced & Unique UI | Compatible with Any FiveM Framework


Experience an innovative Lockpick Minigame with an advanced and unique UI, perfect for any FiveM framework

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·         30-Second Lockpick Timeout: Add challenge and urgency with a 30-second lockpick timer, after which the lockpick attempt will fail.

·         Draggable Items: Interact seamlessly with draggable items during the lockpicking process, adding an interactive element.

·         Focused Background: Enhance player focus by slightly blurring the background during the lockpicking activity.

·         Lockpick Sound: Immerse players with a realistic lockpick sound effect, making the experience more authentic.

·         Lockpick Broke Sound: Encounter lockpick failure with a corresponding lockpick broke sound effect.

·         Try Out Sound: Engage players with a try-out sound as they attempt to unlock their target.



·         E - Try out perfection

·         Mouse - Left click to pick up the things and move things out



Anti-Spam Mechanism:

To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we have implemented a robust server-side anti-spam mechanism. This prevents malicious users from exploiting the game mechanics to gain unfair advantages during the Lockpick.


The script has been meticulously optimized to ensure seamless integration with your server environment. 


If you encounter any issues with the script or need assistance with its setup, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord. We are committed to providing prompt support and may even consider incorporating additional cool features based on your suggestions.

Framework Standalone
Version 1.0
Code is accessible No
Docs Soon