Electrician Job


Advanced & Unique Electrician Job script for FiveM and Compatible with any Qbcore and ESX server allow players to fix electrical issues of city.

Categories : QBCore , ESX , Standalone

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Advanced & Unique Electrician Job Script for FiveM | Compatible with Qbcore & ESX


Enter the thrilling world of electrical problem-solving with our advanced Electrician Job script for FiveM. Compatible with any Qbcore and ESX server, players can now fix electrical issues throughout the city.

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·         Synchronized Animation Setup: Enjoy seamless and realistic animations that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

·         Ultra Realistic Smoke Effect: Witness high-quality smoke effects, creating an authentic atmosphere as you tackle electrical issues.

·         Ultra Realistic Electric Shock: Brace yourself for an intense experience with an ultra-realistic electric shock effect.

·         Health Removal on Task Failed: Players face consequences with health removal upon task failure (configurable option).

·         Among Us Calibrate Distributor Mini-Game: Engage in a fun mini-game inspired by Among Us to calibrate the distributor.

·         Open Framework and Config Part: Customize the script to suit your server's unique needs, as the framework and config are fully editable.

·         Smoke Disable on Task Success: Enjoy a rewarding experience as the smoke effect disables upon successful task completion.

·         Work with Eye Target and Without Eye Target: Benefit from seamless gameplay whether using Eye Target or without it.

·         Multi-language Supportive: Welcome players from different regions with multi-language support.

·         Option to Work with or Without a Job: Flexibly integrate the script into your server with or without a specific job requirement.

·         50 Job Locations: Explore and fix electrical issues across 50 unique locations (expandable to add more locations)


Anti-Spam Mechanism:

To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we have implemented a robust server-side anti-spam mechanism. This prevents malicious users from exploiting the game mechanics to gain unfair advantages during the Electrician Job.


The script has been meticulously optimized to ensure seamless integration with your server environment. 

If you encounter any issues with the script or need assistance with its setup, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord. We are committed to providing prompt support and may even consider incorporating additional cool features based on your suggestions.

We only offer QBCore and ESX framework with script and for Eye Target we only support qb-target and ox-target so if you are not using those scripts or frameworks, we are not responsible for any issue and we do not offer any support for this.

Framework QBCore, ESX
Version 1.0
Code is accessible No
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