ATM Robbery


Unique ATM Robbery for qbcore and esx servers with VOLTlab Signal and Drilling Minigame.

Categories : QBCore , ESX

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Unique ATM Robbery for qbcore and esx servers with VOLTlab Signal and Drilling Minigame.

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1.      VOLTlab Minigame: Engage in an exciting and challenging VOLTlab-themed robbery minigame, adding a unique twist to the standard robbery mechanics in your server.

2.      Drilling Minigame: Experience the thrill of breaking into safes and vaults using an interactive drilling minigame, providing a realistic and immersive robbery experience.

3.      Blast Smoke + Animations: Enjoy dynamic and visually appealing effects with blast smoke and animations during the robbery, enhancing the overall excitement and immersion.

4.      Optional Explosion upon Minigame Failure: For added consequences, give players the option to face an explosion upon failing the minigame, increasing the stakes and adding urgency to the robbery.

5.      Police Alerts: Implement a sophisticated alert system to notify law enforcement when a robbery is in progress, leading to exciting police pursuits and dynamic role-play scenarios.

6.      Robbery Cooldown: Introduce a cooldown period for the robbery to prevent spamming and maintain a balanced gameplay experience.

7.      ESX and QBCore Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the script with both ESX and QBCore versions, ensuring it works flawlessly with your chosen framework.

8.      Language Option in Config: Allow server administrators to easily set the language for in-game messages and notifications through a configurable option.

9.      Waiting on Loot Cash Option at ATM: Offer a thoughtful feature that enables players to delay receiving their loot cash at an ATM, useful for strategizing during police chases or avoiding immediate suspicion.

10.  Option for Black Money or Cash: Provide flexibility by giving players the choice to receive the stolen money as black money or regular cash, catering to different role-play preferences.

Anti-Spam Mechanism: To maintain a fair and balanced gameplay experience, we have implemented a robust server-side anti-spam mechanism. This prevents malicious users from exploiting the game mechanics to gain unfair advantages during the robbery. As a result, players attempting to abuse the system will be unable to milk the job for additional benefits.


Customizability: The script has been meticulously optimized to ensure seamless integration with your server environment. We've taken special care to make it highly customizable, allowing you to tweak various aspects of the minigame and robbery mechanics according to your preferences.


If you encounter any issues with the script or need assistance with its setup, don't hesitate to contact us on Discord. We are committed to providing prompt support and may even consider incorporating additional cool features based on your suggestions.

Requirements :

•    VOLTlab resource installed on your FiveM server.

Experience the adrenaline rush of the VOLTlab Robbery Minigame, offering your players an engaging and thrilling heist experience like never before!



Framework QBCore, ESX
Version 1.0
Code is accessible No
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